your small help can make the world a better place to live.

We aim towards Sustainability and better future

Our features

We discourage Animal violence. Our materials are 100% Animal violence free.

For one custom product you buy from us we will donate another one to underprevileged people

We provide logistic and moneytary help to emerging NGOs.

About Us

We are in business to spread happiness.

Fashion Lab has always stood for sustainable practices, environmental welfare and to improve lives of people in need

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Joon project

Damak, Jhapa , Nepal


Namdung, Jiri, Dolakha

Are you looking to improve the Society?

Be a Volunteer with us

If anybody wants to join our social cause, please feel free to contact us. Time and again we need manpower to execute our social projects, some projects do require high workforce therefore participation is highly encouraged. You can either email us or send message through the website.